PAT700 Report Printer System and Data Historian

  • Designed to meet 21 CFR Part 11
  • Creates / Printes reports for networked PAT700s
  • Ease of use with no human interaction required
  • Archives PAT700 Data with efficient and compressed storage
  • Gateway to PAT700 analyzer data for SPC or other uses
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     Online Support  Our Online Support has been operational for over 10 years and allows us to take remote control of any PC via the Internet to resolve many common problems such as Spyware, Malware and Virus Removal.

     How it Works:

    1. Click on the "worker" image to the right to either run or download our Online Support gateway

               a. This gateway installs no software on your PC and is not Spyware, Malware or a Virus.

               b. Click on our LIVE CHAT or Call 847-587-9201 to chat or speak with one of our engineers if in doubt.

    Click here to start the Support Gateway
    CLICK HERE to Start the Support Gateway

    2. Click on "RUN" and "RUN" again to start the Support Gateway.

               a. You will see the image in #3 below.

               b. No connection will be made at this time, the Support Gateway is simply ready to run. 

    Click RUN to start the Support Gateway
    CLICK RUN to start the Support Gateway

    3. Call 847-587-9201 before beginning a support session and an engineer will tell you which of the support stations to double click on. One of our engineers will then review your problem and determine the best course of action to resolve it.


    Call to begin the Support Session
    Support Gateway
    Northrup CAD
    Design Solutions recently completed a Paper to CAD conversion project for Northrup Grumman consisting of over 2000 D, E and F size drawings.

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    Spyware Removal
     Image Spyware is computer software that is installed on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user's interaction with the computer, without the user's informed consent. Let us review and remove these threats from your system or network.


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