November 16, 2016



Environmental Monitoring and Control System

Monitor and Control

The EMCS can be configured to handle several different roles in your facility. It can act as a standalone monitor and data logging system as well as fully control your HVAC system for temperature, humidity and differential pressure with PID control.

Enjoy the ease and simplicity of a concise HMI which clearly displays environmental conditions and alarm statuses

EMCS Dashboard

EMCS Dashboard


Among the features of this web-based HMI are:

  • Bright, vibrant touchscreen display alongside access from any networked computer or mobile device
  • Color-coded gauges and zone titles show you instantly where any alarm conditions exist and their severity
  • Each zone has full color graphs to display environmental condition trends in real-time
  • Responsive, web-based design allows for displaying dashboard on a variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets up to large LCD Smart TVs