November 17, 2016


racingTake a Test Drive of the EMCS live from our lab . . .

See a four room monitor live. Depending on the weather and time of day, the sensors will be reading various values. Pressure will usually be zero, but will fluctuate from time to time. All rooms are connected to the same bank of sensors so values will be the same, however, alarm levels may be different. The demo on this page is the same size (aspect ratio) as the 7″ HMI Touchscreen that is included in the system. If you’d prefer to view it on your device’s browser full screen, click here.

  • Home – At-A-Glance Status of four rooms.  Each room is labeled, and the Temp, RH% and pressure sensors are live.
    • The room title indicates alarm level by color (Lo Alarm = Yellow, Hi Alarm = Red)
    • Click or Tap anywhere on a room tile to bring up a Real-Time Trend graph. Hover over the graph for pop-up detail box.
  • Alarms – A tabular listing of the most current alarms.
    • Alarms can be acknowledged by clicking on them to select and then clicking on the “ACK Selected” or “ACK All” button.
    • Alarms can be sorted by clicking on the header of the columns.
  • Reports – Try running a historical report. Start by selecting a room, then selecting a date and then time on the “Start Date” calendar. Repeat on the “End Date” calendar and then click on the “Run Report” button. Depending upon the time range selected, the report may take a few moments to generate by querying the database for the data requested. Less time span . . .faster, large time span . . a little longer.
  • Settings – Try changing Alarm Levels on the Alarms tab for a particular room.